Cleaning your furnace and duct work help improve efficiency and reduce the pollutants in the air.


Furnace Cleaning

A Clean Furnace is an Efficient Furnace

Carpet Care Plus Furnace Cleaning will keep your furnace in proper working condition, and running efficiently.

  • Burners
  • Plenum
  • Blowers / fans
  • Electrical Components

Duct Cleaning

Breathe Healthier Air with Cleaned Ducts

Carpet Care Plus will provide reliable cleaning of your air ducts. A clean duct ensures your systems can run at peak efficiency, and you're breathing cleaner air.

We utilize a large truck mounted vacuum and compressed air cleaning process

  • The truck mounted vacuum is hooked into the duct work to put the system under negative pressure (vacuum)
  • 200 pounds of air pressure is flushed down through the duct runs, one at a time
  • Power air whips and other compressed air tools are used to clean out all trunk lines
  • Dust and particulates are flushed back to the truck mounted vacuum, leaving your ducts clean while creating no mess in the house

Duct cleaning services you can count on

Clean air ducts will improve your system efficiency and help reduce your heating and cooling costs.

View Our Duct Cleaning Time Lapse Video

Our video demonstrates our duct cleaning process, debris being removed from the actual duct work and air whips loosening duct contents. Schedule your duct cleaning today.