Offering automotive dryout services for rain damaged vehicles


If you've left your moon roof or windows open during a rain shower or if your car has been caught while driving in flood waters after a storm or parked in a basement or flood prone areas in Southeastern Ohio then our Auto Dry Out Services are what you need!

Truth is ground water has risen above normal and work its way in every seam and crevice of the vehicle.

Carpet Care Plus will rescue your car or cars carpet and upholstery when flooded. We disinfect, sanitize and bone-dry water-logged seats, carpets and the underlay, panels, the trunk, every nook and cranny and most important get to and remove the unhealthy water trapped between the carpet and the metal flooring of the car.

We will neutralize the terrible water smell that is now festering after 24 hours in the car interior.

Our approach is to first spray the wet areas with a disinfectant and an additional antimicrobial spray during the drying process.

We use state of the art drying equipment to completely dry out the interior of the car. Once complete we will clean the carpet and upholstery with additional bacticides and anti-microbials. When the Carpet Care Plus Team is done drying the inside of your wet or flooded car it is “like nothing ever happened” on the inside.

Since we are not mechanics we do not provide engine dry out service. We recommend you see a professional mechanic shop, the car dealer, and insurance company. ASAP!