When you hire Carpet Care Plus, Inc. to handle your carpet cleaning needs, you are benefiting from the many years of experience and education our technicians have passed down. Before we visit your home, we have created a helpful pre-cleaning checklist of things to do:


Make sure that when you have scheduled your cleaning, you will not need access to the room(s) we are working on. When we have finished the carpets will require at least 3-4 hours to dry, depending on the humidity level and temperature inside the home. If adding on additional areas, or removing areas from the original scheduled appointment, please notify office prior to the appointment scheduled day.


Please remove any non-stationary furniture items that you wish to have cleaned under, out of the rooms to be cleaned, prior to our arrival. Please remove any breakable or high valuable items out of the area. We can & do move furniture, if requested, for an additional charge. If there is furniture that you would like to have us move (such as end tables and nightstands), please remove everything on them. For liability reasons, large things such as beds, and high value items such as television stands, China cabinets, and electronics, we will not move. If you keep those items in place, we will clean under and around them. This can be discussed during your pre-cleaning walk through with your technician.


Please ensure drapes/skirting is raised/pinned at least 6 inches above the carpet.


We will do a walk through with you prior to starting the cleaning to discuss your concerns. Please have in mind problem areas that require more attention, such as an area a pet has caused issues. It is beneficial if you have an idea what has caused a stain, and if you have tried anything on it prior.


We absolutely adore all kinds of animals! However, we have no doubt they will have a much more pleasant day if they are kept away from where our technicians are working. Please have pets secured or gated and away from the area to be serviced. We accept no responsibility for pets getting loose, as your door will be open slightly (to allow hoses to run from our van) during your cleaning. We will not enter your home should we notice no one is present and dogs are loose. Please have arrangements made for your pets for their safety prior to our arrival.


Please keep children away from the areas we are actively cleaning.


Your technician will do a post cleaning walk through with you and go over invoice. Payment is collected the day of and at the time of service. (Even if premises is vacant.) We accept cash, check or credit card. If needed, you can arrange payment ahead by calling and having a card on file if you will not be on site during cleaning. By keeping your appointment, you are agreeing to the payment terms.


-Caution: Walking from a wet carpet onto a hard surface can be very slippery. We suggest placing an old towel onto the hard surface at the entrance to remind you of the slippery floor and to use it to wipe your feet.

Until carpeting is completely dry, minimizing walking on it will help prevent re-soiling (especially pets). Even slight amount of moisture can easily dislodge dirt from bottoms of feet or paws. You may still walk on the damp carpeting directly after cleaning; just make sure that whatever you are wearing on your feet is clean.

Do not replace furniture onto damp carpeting until carpet is thoroughly dry. We will place plastic tabs or foam blocks under the furniture when needed. Please do not remove these until thoroughly dry.

Your carpet may remain slightly damp for 3-4, up to 24 hours. Outside weather and humidity can play a part in drying times, if extremely humid or wet outside. Providing circulation in cleaned areas will help expedited drying. Please make sure a clean filter is in your HVAC system, and flip fan to ON to help the drying process.