If you’re tired of the endless scrubbing and fussing over the stains on your tile floors, counters, backsplashes, and showers, we can help eliminate the hassle.


We’ll start by cleaning your tile and grout so that it looks as good as new. Then, we’ll use our color seal process to permanently seal your grout so you’ll never have to worry about stains again, we guarantee it for the life of your grout. It will literally cut your cleaning time in half!

We use an advanced sealant formula that permanently repels water and other liquids forever. This means you’ll never have to scrub away soap scum in the shower, stains on your countertops or mold in between your tile floors ever again. Our grout sealant technicians are trained to get your grout looking brand new.

Call for tile & grout sealing in Southeastern Ohio now. Your grout and tile will repel stains forever!

  • We use the most advanced grout colorant for like new results.
  • Our process ensures your grout and tile will repel oil and have a higher level of protection against stains.
  • Your grout will be easier to clean when spills occur.
  • Your tile will repel soap scum, dirt, liquids, and other stain hazards.

Is your existing tile or grout in need of repair before performing this service?

If so, contact us today about our Tile & Grout Color Seal Service and inquire about our optional tile and grout repair! Our professionals will advise you on avaialable repair options for your existing floors.